WHAT IS 1080P?

1080princeton is Princeton’s visual journalism organization. We focus on capturing different facets of life at Princeton through videography and photography. In its first year, 1080princeton was awarded the Santos-Dumont Prize for Innovation by ODUS, which recognizes a student group for its “wide-reaching impact and visibility.”


1080p refers to HD video resolution. You’ve probably seen it when you change the resolution on Youtube videos.


1080p enables collaboration between Princeton’s aspiring filmmakers and equips them with resources needed to actualize their concepts. At weekly meetings, members organize shoots and plan events that feature visiting professionals to further educate students on industry and technique. Together, we grow as visual artists, creating the content that is most important to us and the larger Princeton community.

Our Team

team member

Amanda is a junior in the Woodrow Wilson School pursuing certificates in Film Production, East Asian Studies, and Environmental Studies. When not watching, reading about, or making movies, Amanda can be found in the dance studio or summiting a mountain. She has spent her past summers working for movie producers in Los Angeles, studying Mandarin in Beijing, performing with a theatre company in Montana, and working on a short documentary in Khwisero, Kenya. She hopes to use the film medium to explore, expose, and inspire.

Amanda Morrison
team member

Janette is a sophomore from Orange County, CA majoring in the Woodrow Wilson School with a certificate in Environmental Studies. She hopes to use her academic and creative experiences at Princeton to find an intersection between film and environmentalism, using documentary and journalism as a mobilizing force for collective action.

Janette Lu
Vice President
team member

Peter is a sophomore documentary / street photographer with a highly personal style of shooting.

Peter Hyungjun Yoon
Publicity Chair
team member

Paige is a junior in Rocky College majoring in Psychology.

Paige Amormino
Internal Operations Chair
team member

Alice is a junior from Asbury Park, NJ majoring in Philosophy (political track) and pursuing a certificate in the Humanities. She has a passion for journalism because she likes to write, talk to people, and see new places.

Alice Maiden
Gear Chair
team member

Lauren is a sophomore computer science major from Vancouver, Canada pursuing a certificate in French. In her spare time, she likes to write, dance, and watch Vice documentaries. She's new to film-making but decided to get involved in 1080princeton to become more engaged in Princeton campus culture and activism.

Lauren Johnston
Technology Chair
team member

Mariachiara, 2019, is from Reggio Emilia, Italy but grew up in South Africa, Germany, India and the USA. Her family has lived in the Philippines since 2014.
At Princeton University she studies Anthropology and is pursuing a certificate in Values and Public Life.

Mariachiara Ficarelli
team member

Erica is a freshman from Washington, DC hoping to major in sociology with a certificate in French and GSS. When she moved to DC, she became really close with her art teacher, who encouraged her to pursue photography and video-making more seriously and it's been a passion of hers ever since. In her free time, she likes to play soccer and lacrosse, sing, hang out with friends, and get lost in the woods.

Erica Dugué
Events Chair
team member

I'm a senior from Princeton, NJ in the Woodrow Wilson School, writing my thesis on marijuana legalization in California. Between my sophomore and junior years at Princeton, I spent a year living in Paris studying photojournalism and creative documentary photography with the Spéos International School of Photography and the Magnum Photos organization, from which I received a masters in the subject matter. Besides that I really just love travel and warm weather!

Allegra Dobson